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Parker Redmond Fly Fishing Guide Madison Valley Ranch

Parker Redmond handles our marketing and serves as our on-site Fly Fishing Manager. He was raised in San Juan Capistrano, California with a deep passion for golf, soccer and surfing. Parker holds fly fishing nearest to his heart though. He credits his love for all types of fishing to his father and grandfather who introduced him to it at an early age. Parker’s youth was spent on fly fishing trips with his grandfather, stalking corbina along the California coast and sneaking into countless golf course ponds in search of bass. He would eventually travel to New Zealand where he met our Lodge Manager and his wife, Manu. Not long after returning to California did they relocate to Ennis, Montana for the next chapter in his fly fishing life. They now reside here year-round with their son Kasper and two Boykin spaniels. Whether you take advantage of a casting lesson on the pond or spend the day in the boat with Parker, his desire to share his knowledge of fly fishing is very apparent!

Q&A with Parker Redmond:

Why did you and Manu choose to relocate in Ennis, Montana?

“I don’t hide the fact that I love California, especially the coastal communities I grew up in. The hardest part was leaving the ocean and family. But, as Manu and I moved into our 30s we wanted to make sure we were in a place that made us completely happy. She’s from a small town and since Ennis has the world’s greatest fishing community, I figured it might be a good place to check out. We both loved it, especially after touring MVR where Manu would eventually start working as Head Housekeeper. The move was tough, but we’ve never looked back. We absolutely love our new small town with it’s slow pace, the surrounding public land and of course the epic trout fishing!”

What is your favorite type of fishing?

“I truly love all types of fishing. I’m happy doing whatever is most effective. Luckily, that is typically achieved using a fly rod around these parts. It doesn’t matter if its big foam hoppers, tiny dries, nymphs or streamers. Even if you just give me a cane pole and some crickets, or some flashers and a down rigger – I love fishing.”

What is your favorite fishing season here in Montana?

“That’s impossible to answer. I don’t have one because the seasons are what make the Madison Valley special. Winter means relaxing, snowboarding, traveling and a little fishing. Spring is an energizing change from the bitter cold. Summer is a full-on fly fishing party. Fall is hunting, streamers and trips to Yellowstone National Park. All 4 seasons are very unique and enjoyable.”

What else do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“Nowadays, all I want to do is play with our son, Kasper. He’s so fun to interact with and simply watch. It’s like the best movie ever that just keeps going. I still get out of town a few times a year to go surfing and I surprisingly find it more enjoyable than I did when it was right down the street from my house growing up. Golf is an addicting hobby that will always challenge me. I also have a new found passion for snowboarding. Of course I fish a lot, too!

Parker Redmond Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide
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