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Madison River Fishing Report

August 9, 2020

The hopper fishing has been excellent lately, especially between 11AM-3PM in certain sections of the river. The weather has been phenomenal and looks to remain that way for a while longer.

There have been some big fish eating dry flies. You’ll find that a lot of his will take a long hard look at the fly before refusing it. A well timed twitch can sway them into fully eating the fly. Hoppers in various sizes and colors have all had their moment. Something 1-3″ long in tan, pink, purple, green or yellow will work. How’s that for variety? The real key is presentation, time of day and a little bit of luck. 4X helps too..

Nymphing girdle bugs and various small beadhead nymphs has been productive. It’s a good option early in the day if you’re having trouble bringing fish up to the dry fly. Consider a dry/dropper as an alternative. There have been a lot of whitefish caught and they aren’t doing so well in the warm water, so treat them nicely.

See you on the river!




Upper Madison River Water Temperature



Lower Madison River Flows below Ennis Dam


Water Level Graph for USGS Station 06041000


Lower Madison River Water Temperature below Ennis Dam


Water Level Graph for USGS Station 06041000



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