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Zach Whittow

Zach Whittow

This is Zach’s second season at MVR and he is your “Go To” for help large or small. As an avid angler and outdoorsman, Zach has a strong commitment to conservation.  He graduated with a degree in Biology and was a member of his university’s Wildlife Society, the Duck’s Unlimited Eagle River Committee in his home state of Wisconsin. You will recognize Zach by his endless energy, warm and welcoming personality and enthusiasm for a great day in the outdoors. Be sure to ask Zach about his latest fishing or hiking adventure as he knows the local backcountry like no other.

Q&A with Zach Witthow:

Why did you choose to live and work in Montana?

“After a trip or two out west with some friends while I was in school, I fell in love with the mountains and knew I needed to be out here.  Breathtaking hikes, world class fishing, hunting and snowboarding, Montana seemed like the perfect destination.”

What is your favorite type of fishing?

“Dry or die. Dry fly fishing is some of the most frustrating, technical, exciting and rewarding fishing to be had here in SW Montana.  Nothing beats a cool morning with the fog coming off the river and hearing a big trout gulp and adult insect off the surface. If I could fish two flies the rest of my life they’d be a parachute adams and an elk hair caddis.”

What is your favorite fishing season here in Montana?

“Fall fishing out here on the Madison is second to none and is without a doubt my favorite time to be out on the water.  There is something about that crisp mountain air flowing through your lungs as you look up to a picturesque scene of changing colors from the river banks up into the snowcapped mountains.  Fish become more aggressive and the fishing is well worth the cold fingers!”

What else do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“Even though it is hard to beat a day on the river, I do spend a lot of time in the Montana backcountry.  Hiking and hunting out here in the surrounding mountain ranges are unlike anything I have ever experienced.  When I am not packing up the backpack and getting lost for a couple days I enjoy tending to my garden in the summer and backcountry snowboarding in the winter.”

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